Heli-skiing - Bonneval

We suggest you discover the wonderful off-piste descent to Bonneval sur Arc.

Starting from the Pisaillas Glacier in Val d'Isère, we ski over the other side until we reach the Maurienne valley where sumptuous glaciers, more than 1500 metres of vertical and extraordinary landscapes await us. Our final destination is the small traditional resort of Bonneval. At the end of the day, our return transfer is via helicopter which takes us on a tour of part of the Vanoise National park and Val d'Isère before finally dropping us off. It is an unforgettable day full of diverse and stunning scenery.

A full day is necessary to do this tour: Tour up (45’) + 1 to 2 hours skiing off-piste down to Bonneval + lunch in Bonneval + ski in Bonneval area and pick up in the afternoon by helicopter and return to top of Solaise. The costs are: the instructor’s daily rate, lunch in Bonneval, afternoon ski pass in Bonneval, and the heli ride.


  • Ski or snowboard suitable for off-piste and safety equipment are mandatory. We can provide transceiver, shovel, probe, and ABS bag if necessary (included in the daily rate).
  • Heli-skiing obviously depends on the weather: the helicopter has to be able to fly. If the weather is not appropriate for heli-skiing, the instructor will remain with you on the Espace Killy or San Bernardo to enjoy off-piste or on-piste skiing. 
  • Charges for taxi and helicopter are at your expense.
  • Only the daily rate fee is paid at Mountain Masters Ski School. All other costs are to be paid throughout your voyage, to the providers concerned.

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