Kids groups

With Mini Masters and the MM Ski Academy, your kids will learn skiing in a fun and safe environment.

In small groups of 6 skiers, with bibs provided to the younger children, your kids will be taught technique and tricks as well as the "rules of the mountain" by our dedicated instructors.

Kids groups will run once 4 kids are confirmed. Maximum 6 children per group

Technical and safety awareness tests at the end of the week to obtain BASI ski badges.

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We welcome kids from 5 years old in our kids groups. If your kids are younger than 5, ask us to see whether we can organise a shared private session for your little ones.

Our kids / teens group ages range from 5 to 17 yo. We do our best to try and create harmonized groups of kids of the same age as we think it is also very important that your kids have great fun with their companions.

When you enquire, if we have the right group level for your child but the age difference is considerable, we will inform you and you can make the decision whether you want your child to join or not.

Polar Bear (level 2) - green runs and easy blues. Working on balance, posture and bringing skis parallel.

Bronze (level 3&4) - happy on blue runs and easy reds. Working on turning parallel all the time.

Silver (level 5&6) - happy on red runs turning parallel all the time and easy blacks. Working on more varied terrain including easy bumps, short turns with pole plant, and a couple of sessions on the Bonnevie GS course.

Gold - happy going anywhere! (level 7&8) - Skiers should be able to ski parallel on all black runs and will improve their techniques.

Gold+ (level 9) -  Skiers should be able to ski parallel on all blacks and will improve on specifics such as slalom, park and techniques.

Platinum (level9) – More designed for teenagers, skiers will i