Off-piste first steps

First steps

There is no better way to discover new areas of the mountain, escape the crowds or continue to improve your skiing than with an off-piste lesson with one of our experienced off-piste coaches.

Our instructors understand that leaving the piste for the first time can be intimidating and we take the time to explain the skills you will need for off-piste skiing, train you in how to use the required safety equipment and discuss the type of terrain suitable for your level of experience. There is a reason off-piste is widely regarded as the best thing about skiing and an off-piste lesson with Mountain Masters will show you why!

Get in touch with our helpful office team and they can answer any questions you might have to help you start your off-piste journey. or call us on
+33 479 06 05 14 (December to May only) Check the prices

Safety Equipment

Off-piste skiing requires the use of specialised equipment to keep you and others safe in a mountain environment. At Mountain Masters, we not only provide you with the safety kit, your instructors will also teach you how to use it correctly. Included in the lesson price:

  • Transceiver
  • Shovel
  • Probe
  • ABS backpack

If you have any questions regarding off-piste safety, please contact our office team. Your Mountain Masters instructor will be able to help with specialised equipment and they are the best way to keep you safe in the mountains.

For more information please email
or call us on
+33 479 06 05 14 (December to May only) Check the prices