Olivier Renassia - Mountain MastersOlivier Renassia

I was born in Marseille, and so unfortunately not a mountain pupil and because of that, I always dreamt of being in the snow for longer than one week per year. As I was in the alpine troops, my dream came true and I became a ski instructor; since then I never stopped learning all I could from the snow...

I first started skiing and quickly snowbording, then telemarking became also a real passion.
All aspects are good to discover, those ways to have fun: from the nursery slope to the snowpark, through the gates or the trees and the top .... powder riding!

That is why now, I would be very proud qnd enthusiastic to share my passion with you anywhere on the mountains.
It s been nine years since I started to teach and guide in Val d Isere, I discovered lately differents spots on the planet such as Norway, Sweden, Canada and New Zealand...

But I am back in the most beautiful area to share my passions and play with all the toys with you...

"never bored to board!"

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